The Little Things

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Sometimes when you’re traveling it’s incredibly easy to overlook the small things because you’re always so focused on the big things. Between planning, getting to each stop on time, and making sure that you’re making it to said big things, the little things pass us by without even a turn or our heads.

There’s so much happening around us that it’s not hard to forget to actually look.

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Even though I like to take vacations to unwind from the stress of being a full-time adult, I typically find myself stressed in a totally different way when I’m traveling. There’s plane tickets, and attraction tickets, and just places you want to be, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

I may not be worrying about the typical things of everyday life, but I’m sure worrying about a few other things. And, like so many others, I simply forget to look.



Recently (and by recently I guess I mean the span of the last few years) I’ve found myself really getting more and more into photography and as a direct correlation I’ve found myself seeing so much more. There’s something about looking for the little details that open my eyes to so much more.

Whenever I’m somewhere bustling or on a tight schedule to get to my next stop, I take a moment or two to simply look and see what I can find. It doesn’t have to be a long moment, although sometimes it’s nothing but moments. Either way, I’ve learned to look for the small print.

I like to discover what makes everything come together. What makes each town tick. And I’ve found out that no matter what, there’s always something more to see.

16 June 2017 (6).JPG

Sans Photography

Now, this isn’t me saying that you have to be into photography to apply the same way of thinking…well…looking.

I’m no expert; I’m still learning new skills all the time, and I’m still developing how to leave the stress behind and simply experience. And you can too! Even without photography.

Train your eye to see the beauty in the every day. 

Don’t focus so much on the big things. Sometimes they’re overrated and underwhelming, but I’ve never found myself disappointed in finding the small occurrences that unfold right under my nose.

Go Forth

With Eyes Open, Fellow Wanderer

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