Travel Stops – Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruch (3) - Austria - Europe 2015 Innsbruch (20) - Austria - Europe 2015

Innsbruck, Austria is the perfect stop for anyone looking for a history-filled vacation.

I was only in town for a few hours in between destinations, but if you’re looking to plan a longer stay there is tons to do including but not limited to shopping, dining, skiing, and hiking. Great for people looking for vigorous activity as well as those looking for relaxation.

Innsbruch (11) - Austria - Europe 2015


Located in a valley, this already beautiful town gets even more picturesque when you see all the mountains that surround it. There isn’t a bad place to look, for all around you can find sights like this.

Innsbruch (13) - Austria - Europe 2015


Most of the restaurants have outside dining. So, no matter where you are or where you choose to eat, you can be sure it’s going to look something like this.

I recommend choosing a pizzeria. There’s nothing better than eating a good pizza alongside a mountain view.

Innsbruch (1) - Austria - Europe 2015 Innsbruch (7) - Austria - Europe 2015


Even if you’re just walking the streets there is so much to explore and take in. I didn’t venture too far out of the main city center, but I could have stayed all day–all weekend even.

The architecture was truly something to behold.

Innsbruch (5) - Austria - Europe 2015

City Center

Or The Old City has been around for over 800 years. That brick you’re walking on? Yep, has been around for over 8 centuries.

These streets are brimming with history. If you’re going out to explore, I recommend doing a little research before hand so you can fully appreciate the architecture, old buildings, and structures that have been around for so long.

With an interesting concept that crosses Baroque styles with Gothic, these designs could not be more breathtaking.

Innsbruch (6) - Austria - Europe 2015 Innsbruch (4) - Austria - Europe 2015


These narrow streets are always busy, especially during peek tourist seasons, but that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and sights to disperse the groups of people nicely.

Innsbruch (14) - Austria - Europe 2015

The Cathedral of St. James

Is a must see!

Innsbruch (8) - Austria - Europe 2015

This Cathedrals is just brimming with beauty. But, then again, did you expect anything else. Baroque style artistry mixed with gothic architecture? You have got to make it to this.

It’s free to walk around inside, but know that they require a 2€ donation to take photos. I chose to pay that, but if you don’t that’s totally fine; just be mindful.

Innsbruch (10) - Austria - Europe 2015

Silt in the River

Innsbruch (12) - Austria - Europe 2015

Don’t be surprised by the color of the river. This coloring is caused by silt carried down from the mountains. This river flows from high in the alps, and as it flows down it picks up sediment from the mountain and carries it down to the valley.

A Quick Plus!

Not only is this city absolutely stunning, it’s just a short drive from Neuschwanstein Castle! (The one that inspired the Disney Castle. And, if you decide to stay in Innsbruck, it would almost be a crime not to venture just a little farther to see that jaw-dropping travel stop as well.


If Innsbruck isn’t already on your travel list, I highly recommend adding it.

Silt in the River - Innsbruck Austria - Europe 2015


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