Sunsets – A Suggestion

Kohls Parking Lot - Johnson Creek - September 2015

The End of the Day

As you wind down to the end of your day–maybe it’s been a long one, too long. Often times when traveling it sure feels that way. Or maybe you haven’t eaten all day and you’re ready to find a restaurant or diner or whatever. Maybe you’re just tired and want to take a bath and put on a calming face mask.

There’s a million maybes.
There always are.

But Wait

Before you decide to turn in for the night, check what time the sun sets in the town/area you’re in. Sunsets are always worth putting something off for.

It doesn’t even have to be anywhere special. The opening photo in this post was taken in a parking lot of middle of nowhere special, but it’s one of the best photos of the sunset I have.

Munich - Germany - Europe 2015 (1)

City Streets

If you’re looking around for a place to eat or a shop to go into, considering walking the streets for a bit instead. Food can wait, the sun won’t.

Actually, I guess that’s not quite right. The sun waits for all eternity, but our planet is in such a hurry to get around her that we’re subjected to the passage of day to night. Don’t miss the something you can only experience once a day by doing somehting that you can do whenever.

The Mountains

or nature of any sort, really.

If you’re tired after traveling all day and just want to take that bath as earlier mentioned, take a moment and think. I’m sure you’ll come to the conclusion that the bath can wait.

Instead, walk outside. You don’t even have to walk far. Just walk to the spot you want to view from and you’ll experience magic.

The bath will still be waiting when you get back.

Engleburg - Swizterland - Europe 2015 (4)


Unless you’re under a strict time regime, take a moment. And even if you are under such a tight schedule, just stop for a minute. Remind yourself where you are and who you are and reflect on what you want accomplish or who you want to . be. Just reflect on something.

I recently watched the sunset in a place of nowhere located somewhere in arizona on some back road from a parking lot of a Five Guys. It was freezing, we had been driving all day, and I was more than mildly agitated. But, for that instant that the sky was pink and the air was settled on dusk, I was okay.

We were supposed to watch the sunset while driving through Sedona, but delays happened and routes were changed, and I’m only a little sorry that I got this instead.

Take the Moment

We never know how many sunsets we’ll be able to see in our lives. We’re here such a short time that we can’t waste these small opportunities to see the splendor in the day kissing the night–

In the sort of stillness only a moving earth and a star can bring.

4 – Fort McCoy – ZZ Top – August 2016


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