Travel Destination – Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gulf Shores (2) - Alabama - Vacation 2014

Gulf Shores

is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. Just take a look at the water. So picturesque. And that white sand.

This place comes highly recommended as a destination and not just a stop. There’s not a ton to do around this area, but what more could you want than to soak in some salty sea air on such a beautiful beach?


I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, and it was really nice. Sure, it wasn’t a dream come true, but the rooms were comfortable, clean, and there was a delicious restaurant on site.

There was also a really nice outdoor pool and a tiki bar. Overall, if you’re looking to make this vacation on a budget, I recommend looking into staying.


Can I also recommend the off-season for a visit? The beach will be less crowded and you might even miss most of the scorching weather if you time it right.

Plus, The Gulf is always warm, so no need to worry about those cold oceans.

No Where Compares

After experiencing the Gulf of Mexico, I have less of a desire to visit the ocean, and instead find myself wanting to return here again and again.

Gulf Shores - Alabama - Vacation 2014


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