Statues & Dreaming

Gods or Wistful Dreaming?

Germany - Nymbpehnburg Palace - August 2015 (1)

I’ve always had a thing for statues–there’s something about the way they make me feel, like I’m in some sort of wakeful dream. As if, somehow, the artist was able to carve a window between worlds–this one and another–and staring into the eyes of these lifelike forms allows you a glimpse at something ethereal, something there but not really there at all.

Lover’s Eyes

Artists, I feel, have always taken the work they need to survive and, as an artist myself, I rarely find the time to spend crafting and perfecting the work that’s not for pay. So, it’s strange that looking at these creations, they may have just been for money.

Still, we always put a piece of ourselves in our work, and, sometimes, when you look into the eyes, you can find that piece. You find that connection to another world, another time, another life, and it sucks you in–calling, trying to tell you something that you might have once known but have since forgot.

Hiedelberg Castle - Gardens - Germany 2015


Eventually, when left to their own devices, pieces of these creations start to fade–growing into their environments and becoming part of their surroundings, reminding us of the days gone by and how everything eventually becomes something else.

Decay isn’t a word you hear and think of beauty, but it is beautiful–in its own way. Everything decays eventually, but in death everything becomes something else. And, what’s not beautiful about that? When we’re gone, we’re still here…and there and maybe even up floating somewhere between those two worlds you see in those Lover’s Eyes.

Heidelberg - Germany - 2015 (5)


I don’t know how I got here from where I started from, but there’s still so far to go. So many statues to see and things to become. I’m not sure where it will all end, and I’m still not entirely sure where it all began.

And, maybe I’ll never really know, and maybe that’s okay.

We’re all just travelers here. Nothing is permanent. And everything will change.

But just because I can’t understand it all doesn’t mean I won’t keep looking for those pieces, those eyes, those dimensions hiding in the glint of the sun in the corner of a world.

Germany - Nymbpehnburg Palace - August 2015 (2)


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