Time Stands Still

Time Stoppage Featuring: Munich, Germany

Munich - Germany - Europe 2015 (5)

Sometimes, when you find yourself somewhere and when you wander long enough, you can stop time.

Okay, so we’re not talking about the actual ability to stop time, but I’m here talking about that moment where you’re walking around a new city––after you’ve found some grounding, after you’ve had a drink or maybe even two––that moment where you’ve found yourself so completely lost in a new place, a new culture, that you’ve forgotten all about the existence of time.

Maybe you’re watching the sun go down…

Or maybe you’re watching it come up, or you might just be watching it as it burns bright in the sky lighting up the earth around you in its warm glow.

And in those moments, those moments make you feel so alive, so brimming with something that cannot be described with words; it’s that special something you have to really feel. You have to let it cover you like a blanket and wrap you in the warmth of the feeling of forgetting what time feels like.

Munich - Germany - Europe 2015 (3)

Time Isn’t Real

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but humor me for a moment. Let me remind you that time isn’t something that actually exists. Let yourself be a bird flying home after a long journey. Let yourself be a whale looking for a meal in the ocean that doesn’t need to be defined as breakfast, lunch, nor dinner. Let yourself be free.

Wander those streets and forget that you have an agenda. Forget about work in the morning, or next week, or even that new job you’ve been fretting over or looking for. In this moment, let time go.

Numbers are Just Numbers

We catalog our lives by days, minutes, and seconds and what that leads back to in the end is the idea that we catalog our lives by number. We keep track of our age. We count seconds to minutes and minutes to hours always needing to be somewhere and always stressing over what we want to have accomplished by the time we’ve counted our rotations around the sun 30, 40, or 60 times.

Clock hands tick and everything spins in a never ending circle that reminds us of each moment leading up to our last breath.

But We Can Live Differently

Sure, we can’t throw out numbers completely. We can’t show up to appointments whenever we want and we can’t say we’re no age when we really are an age.

But we can live in moments alongside and in the same way we live in numbers.

Munich - Germany - Europe 2015 (2)

Replace Second to Second with Moment to Moment

Often times we think of our accomplishments in ways that we have completed a certain number of tasks in a certain number of years, but what if we lived in moments instead?

What if we cataloged each achievement by saying in that moment I felt happy. In that moment I realized I was strong enough to keep moving forward. In that moment I kissed the girl I didn’t know would be my wife until the moment I proposed to her leading up to the moment I walked down the isle to her in a white dress and a bright smile.

In that moment I told my grandmother I loved her more deeply than the ocean. In that moment I held my daughter for the first time. In that moment I climbed a hill I didn’t think I would reach the top of. In that moment I landed my dream job. In that moment I realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

In that moment, I watched the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen.

In that moment.

Munich - Germany - Europe 2015 (1)


It’s so easy to live in the numbers that we hardly ever live in the moments.

Maybe we can’t do it all the time. There will still be appointments. There will still be birthdays. There will always be new arrivals and late departures and stolen kisses in between coffee breaks on the way back to offices and time clocks.

But find balance.

Live in the numbers and live in the moments. For, it’s not the numbers you’ll remember in the end. It’s the moments your hands started to sweat when you were nervous, or scared, or excited. When you remember the way she looked at you while you held hands and walked down a street watching the sunset in a city you didn’t recognize and the way you whispered you would always remember the way the sun reflected her smile back to you to always remind you of the moment you knew you had fallen in love with more than just the sunset.


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